IPIN Animations Update

2007-10-23 18:40:28 by IPIN-ANIMATIONS

Well WWE Quiz 2 has been released and you can play it now online. Uh... there may be a TNA Quiz and a WWE Quiz 3 (Attitude Era) but none are confirmed. I am working on a small funny cartoon which I will release sometime in the coming months called Super Goku Gary!!!! me and my friends are working on this now.

on the wrestling side of things we will be releasing some new IPIN Wrestling shows made from the old ones at www.ipinwresling.2ya.com. the new episodes will be fully animated and will be released on new grounds.

IPIN have also been working on there forums and they are now fully functional you can access them at www.ipinforums.tk you can register starting today. to show we live NG if you are from newgrounds and you join before december 2007 you will be made a VIP which allows you to view secret ultimate super things. to show you are from newgrounds put it on your profile when joining.

well... thats about the story for now. for more info read the paragraph above this one and follow instructions DUHHHHH


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